Insurance is supposed to protect you when you experience a catastrophic loss. In exchange for this promise, you pay the insurance company a premium. Until the mid-1970s, insurance companies could be trusted to pay out on their claims based upon their investigation into the loss. Something changed at some point and insurance companies are now more concerned with pleasing shareholders rather than policyholders. Insurance companies often delay in paying out on claims. This makes sense for them and their shareholders, as the longer the insurance company holds onto your money, the more they make. Claims adjusters for insurance companies employ various tricks in delaying or denying your claim. First, they misinterpret the insurance policy. Typically they pay less than what you are owed. They delay until you will accept a lower amount just to get something. Oftentimes they put you in a position where you have to hire an attorney to sue the insurance company in order to receive the policy benefits that you are rightfully entitled to. You have to know how they work and how to build a case against the insurance company for their unfair claims practices. Anthony Bruozas has pursued insurance companies for clients since 1992 all over the United States, Japan, Italy and India. He knows how to develop the insurance claim to best position you to take advantage of the remedies available and create the leverage to get your claim paid. Anthony Bruozas is licensed in Illinois and Arizona and has relationships with other law firms all over the country. For a free consultation about your insurance claim, call 708-370-0769.