The biggest mistake policyholders make after experiencing a catastrophic loss, such as fire to a business or home, is to solely rely on the insurance company to conduct the investigation into the claim. From clever and funny television commercials Americans are conditioned to believe that insurance companies are good and benevolent institutions that protect their policyholders when disaster hits. Insurance company ads alternate between beer and Viagra commercials during sports games. These very funny and clever ads, which often employ trustworthy celebrities such as Alex Trebek and Julia Roberts, are effective in convincing people that insurance adjuster are unbiased, and thorough investigator who will take care of you through the claims process like a big fluffy blanket. This is typically NOT the case, however. During the claims process insurance companies, armed with a team of experts, investigate claims with an eye towards delaying and avoiding payment. Unless you have previously been burned on a claim, most policyholders do not understand how the claim process works. Without knowledge of the policy coverage, exclusions, and interpretations, the insured may feel helpless when confronted with the insurance company’s settlement or outright declination of coverage. Where does the policyholder turn for help?

Anthony Bruozas is very familiar with claims process and knows how to effectively confront insurance companies. He has over twenty- years in interpreting insurance policies and litigating insurance claims. Mr. Bruozas has represented hundreds of policyholders in the US, Japan, Italy and India who have suffered catastrophic losses. Anthony counsels his clients in controlling and handling the loss so they can focus on their business and family. He has the full complement of knowledge and skills necessary to establish coverage for policyholders’ claims and in recovering the full benefits available under the insurance policy. He understands how the loss must be handled for the insurance company to pay the maximum benefit. It is an art and a sophisticated practice and Anthony Bruozas knows how to do it. Anthony Bruozas can take on the insurance company and win for you. Call 708-370-0769 to set up a free consultation on your insurance issue.