Litigation and Litigation Avoidance: We negotiate and litigate various types of business disputes between businesses or individuals pertaining to services, the sale of goods, fraud, collections, business dissolutions and garden variety UCC disputes. We pursue our clients’ intended results efficiently. We provide timely updates to the status of litigation and keep clients apprised of any changes that might necessarily increase costs and expenses associated with the litigation.  In this regard, we also strive to create alternatives to litigation so that we might snuff out small fires before they get out of control. Accordingly, we make determined efforts to get to know our client and understand their business and what they do, so that we can help them to avoid the distractions of costly litigation and allow their businesses to continue to prosper and remain focused.

Risk Management: We provide advice and in-house seminars to clients on risk avoidance and management with an eye towards reducing the exposure to litigation from customers, employees, and suppliers, as well as the public. We examine everything from everyday e-mail traffic to contractual documents and forms. We strive to assist the client in fine-tuning their business practices such that they can be in a stronger position relative to possible adversaries so that they have the ability to maneuver and negotiate from a position of strength, should a particular situation change such that litigation is foreseeable.